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Visual Influence is the premier Marketing and Visual Merchandising provider for dealerships that wish to grow their business and build their brand. Our products and services will engage, inform and influence your potential customers.

Make an Impact

When and Where It Matters Most! ™​

Our job is to replicate the online shopping experience on your lot and bridge the gap between online and on-lot shopping. We create a customer-centric environment using professionally presented Visual Merchandising elements

to engage your customers and allow them to feel comfortable, confident and in control. A great customer experience

is the key to referrals, repeat business, service lane business and higher CSI scores.

Our Mobile Connectivity options allow your customers immediate access to vehicle information via their smartphone...

When and Where It Matters Most! ™​

We offer Automobile Dealers the foremost

On-Lot Inventory Merchandising system

available providing an On-Lot experience for

their customers that replicates the

Online shopping experience.

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