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Our visual merchandising products bring a new level of sophistication

and professionalism to dealerships across the country. Working with Onsight Solutions and LotMonkey for over 13 years,

Visual Influence has successfully assisted dealerships across South Carolina with their monthly and seasonal promotions. 

From the frontline to the interior lot, the service lane to the interior showroom, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in marketing your promotions timely and professionally with proven results.

Our LotMonkey products are bridging the gap between online and on-lot shopping. No more generic "BIG SALE" decals cluttering your lot. Our products are specific to each individual vehicle right down to the stock number. Year, Make, Model, Trim Level as well as specific features of each unit are presented in a professional, neat and well-organized manner. Orders are placed and products are received all within 24-48 hours.

Our products are designed to reflect the brand and image of your dealership and your manufacturers. Brand specific fonts, color schemes and other elements are employed to meet the compliance requirements of your manufacturers.

Brand specific creative elements such as logos, promotional creative and taglines all add up to create a professional customer-centric shopping experience.

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